A gallery of happy hens enjoying their retirement after rescue



Snowy's Story

Little snowy has had a tough time since her freedom began in April 2016. In July she suffered a prolapse which we treated for over a month with no success then she had crop problems which we helped her with. Eventually we thought her time had come as by late September she still had no feathers. We decided to give her a couple more weeks as she still seemed quite happy and not suffering. We went on holiday in October and when we returned feathers had sprouted and her prolapse had gone back in!! Here's hoping it's her time for an easy life. Here is her before and after pictures. She's such a brave wee girl ❤️


Tea with Betsy

Betsy came from a commercial caged farm in 2017. Initially she was too weak and subdued to be rehomed so went to 'stay for a while' with one of the trustees. We all know this is a euphemism for 'darling, I've got another hen'. These ones never move out :)  Betsy soon regained her strength and her feathers and started to enjoy a free range life. She loves human company and very quickly learned that a human sitting in the garden often meant a warm lap to sit in and a sneaky sip of tea. She is currently enjoying her third summer of her retirement, living her best life, basking in the sunshine and drinking tea in the garden.



Margot's Magnificent Bloomers

Margot came from a free range commercial farm aged 18 months. She was initially a bewildered bottom-of-the-heap girl but soon gained confidence with her new flock, strutting in the sunshine showing off her magnificent bloomers . 


Annie's Story

Annie was rescued from a commercial farm in 2014. She was almost completely bald and blind in one eye. She was not well enough to be rehomed so went to live with one of the charity trustees in the Highlands. She thrived with a bit of TLC and soon became part of the family. She managed to live with her disabilty and hold her own in the flock and really enjoyed a free range life in a beautiful part of the world. She died peacefully of natural causes in 2017.


Ziva's Story

Ziva was rescued in Autumn 2015, one of four Barn Rescues. Ziva, like her friends was a skinny scrap and mostly bald all over, but she arrived with the hugest kick-ass attitude I have ever seen! These days Ziva is plump and fully feathered and more pampered prima donna than tough feisty chick - she knows how special she is and acts accordingly! Ziva has battled her way to the happy and privileged position she now enjoys through numerous illnesses and close encounters with death. When she became dangerously ill very soon after arrival her chances were given as no more than 50/50 of surviving that night - Ziva, however, had other ideas, I'd never seen such spirit and determination. Following this, and still early on in her stay, her life was saved again by an anti-egging implant, a truly wonderful intervention. She went on to need more of these before normal egging was finally restored last Autumn. The wonderful people at Moray Coast Vet Group, in particular Claire, have fought again and again to keep her healthy and happy and have managed to deliver so many miracles for her. If Wing and a Prayer hadn't got Ziva out of that barn when they did I have no doubt that sweet Ziva would have died there, unknown, anonymously and unloved, never knowing grass and sky and digging in the dirt, let alone the delights of special eggy breakfast every day! Ziva is my miracle story - she is loved, adored and worshipped. It's my absolute honour to cherish this beautiful girl, she brings me joy every single day and I will love her for all her days.

Ziva's story


Zizzi's Story

Zizzi came into our lives on July 31st 2017 with 5 friends. She was by far in the worst state and made several attempts to give up on life after the cage. She was a caged hen and in very poor health. The greenhouse became a hen hospital, with round the clock nursing care. Zizzi pulled through and it soon became apparent that she had an enormous personality and an abundance of curiosity and courage. Zizzi and her friends roam completely free in our gardens, woodland and meadows. She never fails to answer when I call her name and she and her friends have become very tame and friendly. Zizzi has uncovered an addiction in me I never knew existed, an addiction for hens.

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